Continuum Motion Pictures and 2013

Continuum Motion Pictures

Continuum Pictures became Continuum Motion Pictures in 2012

Continuum Pictures went through many changes in 2012 including its name. It became Continuum Motion Pictures to reflect changes in the team as well as the direction of the company. In 2012 we made the decision to leave the Paramount Studios lot to focus better on our own post production as well as team development. On the lot we were better able to set our priorities and to choose a direction that allowed us to take better advantage of our own unique skill set and circumstances. We have always been a company that focused not only on production but distribution. It was on the lot we learned how to put these two elements in better focus.

Continuum Pictures Danny Torres

Danny Torres, Director and DP on Mano a Mano

The real art of filmmaking does not lie in the images you capture, but in having the power to capture them and then to show them to the world. It was this business side that became the priority. With 2013 looming shortly in the distance, we have turn our focus on the theatrical releases of  Cider Springs Slaughter directed by Jason Durdon, Mano a Mano directed by Danny Torres and Matthew Dyer, and Taught in Cold Blood directed by P. David Miller. We have previously had films in theaters before, House of Adam and Sabor Tropical all reased limited releases in theaters across the world and many of our shorts and features, have played and are still playing in festivals around the world.

Danny Torres, Joel Murray The Bouncer

Danny Torres producer with Director Joel Murray on the Bouncer

Additionally we are focusing on the directing careers of Danny Torres and Jason Durdon our CoCEOs of the company. We currently have three in house features to be directed by both Jason Durdon and Danny Torers, and two projects that have been brought to us as well. The Continuum Motion Pictures Directing Team previously have worked together with Danny Torres, producing Jason Durdon’s feature directorial debute Cider Springs Slaughter (aka The Absent) and recently their co-directing project Sirens.

Jason Durdon directing

Jason Durdon gives direction on Cider Springs Slaughter

It became clear to us while on the Paramount Studios lot that it is easy to become distracted and involved in other peoples agendas. We have always had a clear agenda, and it was important to get back to that. In that effort Continuum has focused on its own in house distribution network MCTV (Matriarch Continuum Television) our VOD Channel on Dish Network, launches in a few weeks. Additionally we have an APP that will be available on Itunes, as well as the in houe ability to put feature films in theaters across the United States. We are in the proces of turning our many international relationships in to production across the world, Mexico, Norway and China to name a few. Sabor Tropical was our first experience in out of the US productions and releases.

Continuum Pictures Producing and Directing Team

Jason Durdon director and Danny Torres Producer on Cider Spring Slaugher

In 2013 Continuum Motion Pictures will continue to embrace its own strengths, the same strengths that brought us from a single apartment in Oakland, California to the bottom floor of the Marx Brothers Building on the Paramount lot. Along the way we will meet many people who will feel we cannot accomplish our goal, and we will walk past them and embrace those who have helped and guided us along the way. We are lucky, we work with amazing people. Continuum Motion Pictures looks forward to 2013 with great anticipation.


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