Continuum Motion Pictures Discusses The Difficulties of The Industry


Continuum Pictures

Continuum Motion Pictures

It is not new years, but in so many ways it feels like it is. I am sitting here tired of the old and feeling the exhaustion of the year before, and at the same time excited about what is coming. We have spent a year putting content together for the various distribution platforms that we now release on. We have spoken to hundreds of people, We have nearly wrapped post on two of our own features, and produced countless pieces of content for ourselves other, changed the websites to keep up with the changes, reached out on social networks, stayed on some and let others fall by the wayside. It is safe to say I am exhausted. I think any filmmaker knows how this feels. Yet while you are releasing a film, you begin the journey into the next.

And that is where we have now stepped. With distribution in place, films completed, films in distribution, we begin the journey into the new.

This includes new members of the team, new projects and more importantly a new way of seeing things, based in the experience of the old.

We work with many wonderful people and there are still one or two haters out there, who we told no too, and well do what haters do. I guess they don’t go away, but they have proven that they also don’t matter.

As we move into this journey at another level now, we see others struggle in manners identical to our own struggle. Maybe the being a filmmaker, comes with a standard set of struggles, problems, haters and disbelievers. Sometime its family, I have been fortunate in this area, I enjoy the support of my wife and two sons, as well as every member of my family. I guess I am lucky that way.

I know that many people are suffering to make it in the film industry. I see it every day. I know that some of you are even sleeping in your cars, and/or missing meals. I even know some of you who have lost homes and been evicted. All I can say is don’t quit. Once you have made the decision to be a filmmaker, then there is not much more out there in life that will make you happy.

I have seen people who have quit and I watch them constantly try and show what they have given up or spend their time talking about being on the set. I know some of you will not make it, because in your minds it is always someone standing in the way of your success.

To those that blame others I cannot give advice. To other, I can say this. Do not quit. Its better than anything else out there. I love movies and I love those who want to truly make them.

Continuum Motion Pictures
Continuum Motion Pictures