Continuum Motion Pictures sign TTL

Continuum Motion Pictures is pleased to announce that Through The Lens will release on eOne platforms November 2014.

Directed by Oscar Forshaw Swift

Directed by Oscar Forshaw Swift

Set in the near future, the financial crisis has escalated, the UK has become a satellite state of the US. Public service privatization and increased mass unemployment figures have spurred years of strikes, riots, and widespread disruption. In response government restrictions on Internet and social media sites have been implemented, a private contractor the Internet Protection Agency (IPA) has been put in charge of policing the restricted Internet, arresting computer fugitives, and taking charge of advanced public surveillance.

The film’s narrative follows Anthony (23) who has interrupted his studies at university to look after his younger sister Sam (16) after the disappearance of their parents.

Anthony and Sam’s parents were part of a group of politically motivated hackers called ‘The Movement’ that has been targeted by the Internet Protection Agency. Key players in the The Movement have been arrested in an attempt to stop leaked files from the IPA archives, documenting evidence of its brutal restrictive practices, being made accessible to the general public.

When Anthony lands a job working in the records room at the IPA, he begins to discover the untold story behind his parents’ disappearance.


Directed by Oscar Forshaw-Swift
Genre: Science Fiction
United Kingdom

Through The Lens The Movie

Los Angles based distributor picks up Through The Lens

Continuum Motion Pictures will be distributing the film, releasing in North America this winter.

“The cast of Through The lens is amazing. We are excited about this film”


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