Three New Titles Available Today From Continuum Motion Pictures

News Update:  Continuum Motion Pictures has released three new titles on DVD. These titles include Continuum’s release of its own title “Taught in Cold Blood”, “Harvest Moon” NCGQ3873a slasher horror film and “Ares 11” a sci-fi thriller. Continuum is releasing over thirty titles on DVD by October 2017.

Continuum Motion Pictures previously released “Turtle Hill, Brooklyn” an LGBT comedy, “Through the Looking Glass”, a U.K. horror film, “The Worst Movie Ever!!!” a sci-fi comedy, and the LeoMark release of the Continuum production “Taught in Cold Blood’.

These new releases and upcoming releases are available through the online stores of Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy and Amazon. Other online retailers such as DVD Planet, Tower Records, Hollywood Video and more also carry many of the titles.

Continuum Motion Pictures has worked hard to create opportunities for all its titles and the filmmakers and creators who have made them possible. We look forward to expanding our platforms throughout North America in 2017 and 2018.

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Continuum Now on the 24 Hour Movie Channel

24-hourContinuum Motion Pictures now has over 20 titles on the 24 Hour Movie channel. These titles include horror, comedy, drama in feature and short formats. Continuum will be deliver other titles due to be available mid 2017. Currently the following titles are now available.

Midget Zombie Takeover, Worst Movie Ever, A Man Called Nereus, Ares 11, Broken Dolls, POV, Spook, Through the Lens, Weaverfish , Spin, Supa Pirate Booty Hunt, Matt Mercury, Survivors, Better Than Crazy, Dead Enders, Ad Nauseam, Black Site, Johnny Ghost

Coming Soon:

13 Score, SIN Theory, Through the Looking Glass, Any Minute Now, Travis Jenkins, Gore, Quebec Christian Dreadful, Ghost Walk: The Farm, Hawk(e): The Movie, The Noogies


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Continuum Motion Pictures Poster Gallery 2014

Continuum Motion Pictures presents the Zombie Collection.

Continuum Motion Pictures presents the Zombie Collection Vol 1

Continuum Motion Pictures distributes over 100 features, shorts, documentaries and television shows here is a poster gallery of some of those films:


Continuum Motion Pictures Poster Gallery: Danny Torres CEO


Continuum Motion Pictures seeks content in every language: We specialize in placing  independent films on major platforms across North America. We are now expanding into International Markets with the distribution of over 20 films in various major territories around the world.

Continuum Motion Pictures sign TTL

Continuum Motion Pictures is pleased to announce that Through The Lens will release on eOne platforms November 2014.

Directed by Oscar Forshaw Swift

Directed by Oscar Forshaw Swift

Set in the near future, the financial crisis has escalated, the UK has become a satellite state of the US. Public service privatization and increased mass unemployment figures have spurred years of strikes, riots, and widespread disruption. In response government restrictions on Internet and social media sites have been implemented, a private contractor the Internet Protection Agency (IPA) has been put in charge of policing the restricted Internet, arresting computer fugitives, and taking charge of advanced public surveillance.

The film’s narrative follows Anthony (23) who has interrupted his studies at university to look after his younger sister Sam (16) after the disappearance of their parents.

Anthony and Sam’s parents were part of a group of politically motivated hackers called ‘The Movement’ that has been targeted by the Internet Protection Agency. Key players in the The Movement have been arrested in an attempt to stop leaked files from the IPA archives, documenting evidence of its brutal restrictive practices, being made accessible to the general public.

When Anthony lands a job working in the records room at the IPA, he begins to discover the untold story behind his parents’ disappearance.


Directed by Oscar Forshaw-Swift
Genre: Science Fiction
United Kingdom

Through The Lens The Movie

Los Angles based distributor picks up Through The Lens

Continuum Motion Pictures will be distributing the film, releasing in North America this winter.

“The cast of Through The lens is amazing. We are excited about this film”


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Continuum Motion Pictures Distributes Films From Around the World

Cider Springs Slaughter Temp Poster (450x637)BeastTres Marias TempBig Ball'n Poster (450x637)The Grasslands Poster 01CThe Graduates Temp
The Graduates Poster (450x637)SPBH_DOC_POSTERRe-Directing Eddie TempOs ToJohnnyGhost_Poster_WebHawk(e) The Movie Poster (450x637)
Good People Temp PosterFor the Title TempCairefield TempWrestling Days Poster (450x637)Worst Movie Ever Poster (450x637)Two Rooms DVD Cover.indd
The Wind Poster (450x637)The StepMother Poster (450x637)The Plotter Poster (450x637)The Noogies Poster (450x637)The Joint Poster (450x637)Ten Cents Short Poster (450x637)

Posters, a set on Flickr.

Continuum Motion Pictures distributes films from around the world. Here is a small sampling of some of their posters.

Executive producers for Continuum Motion Pictures are Danny Torres, and Jason Durdon.

Continuum distributes on Dish, DirecTV, on the Matriarch TV App for iphones and iPads, and more.

Since the original posting of this blog, Continuum Motion Pictures now has the rights to distribute over 100 films and televsion shows. These shows include UK Haunted, The Jazz Network, and our first animated series MasterFreak Theatre from the creator Jim Lujan.  This growth is field by the efforts of Continuum Motion Pictures CEO Danny Torres who is also the CoCEO of MCTV (Matriarch Continuum Television).

2014 will be brining many changes to the MCTV/Continuum Motion Pictures distribution platforms. Our reach is growing as is the library films we represent.


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Continuum Motion Pictures Nico Wolf Music Video directed by Danny Torres & Jason Durdon


Continuum Motion Pictures producers Danny Torres and Jason Durdon have been working together for years. This music video directed by both Danny Torres and Jason Durdon became a passion. Nico Wolf an amazing artist fighter herself finds words in music to express the battle that most people fight in an effort to reach their dreams.


Nico Wolf: Music Video “Screw You”

Continuum Motion Pictures Discusses The Difficulties of The Industry


Continuum Pictures

Continuum Motion Pictures

It is not new years, but in so many ways it feels like it is. I am sitting here tired of the old and feeling the exhaustion of the year before, and at the same time excited about what is coming. We have spent a year putting content together for the various distribution platforms that we now release on. We have spoken to hundreds of people, We have nearly wrapped post on two of our own features, and produced countless pieces of content for ourselves other, changed the websites to keep up with the changes, reached out on social networks, stayed on some and let others fall by the wayside. It is safe to say I am exhausted. I think any filmmaker knows how this feels. Yet while you are releasing a film, you begin the journey into the next.

And that is where we have now stepped. With distribution in place, films completed, films in distribution, we begin the journey into the new.

This includes new members of the team, new projects and more importantly a new way of seeing things, based in the experience of the old.

We work with many wonderful people and there are still one or two haters out there, who we told no too, and well do what haters do. I guess they don’t go away, but they have proven that they also don’t matter.

As we move into this journey at another level now, we see others struggle in manners identical to our own struggle. Maybe the being a filmmaker, comes with a standard set of struggles, problems, haters and disbelievers. Sometime its family, I have been fortunate in this area, I enjoy the support of my wife and two sons, as well as every member of my family. I guess I am lucky that way.

I know that many people are suffering to make it in the film industry. I see it every day. I know that some of you are even sleeping in your cars, and/or missing meals. I even know some of you who have lost homes and been evicted. All I can say is don’t quit. Once you have made the decision to be a filmmaker, then there is not much more out there in life that will make you happy.

I have seen people who have quit and I watch them constantly try and show what they have given up or spend their time talking about being on the set. I know some of you will not make it, because in your minds it is always someone standing in the way of your success.

To those that blame others I cannot give advice. To other, I can say this. Do not quit. Its better than anything else out there. I love movies and I love those who want to truly make them.

Continuum Motion Pictures
Continuum Motion Pictures