Continuum Motion Pictures

Continuum Motion Pictures 2012

Continuum Motion Pictures is a full service production company with its own distribution network. Continuum provides distribution at every level, including Theatrical, Home Video and VOD on Dish Network. Three of its own motion pictures are schedule for release theatrically in 2013.

Danny Torres, Jason Durdon and James Duval are the primary producers for Continuum Pictures. Danny and Jason have directed features independently as well as together. Continuum is in a constant state of production.
Continuum Motion Pictures has grown over the years from sharing a studio apartment to sharing offices on the Paramount Lot. In 2012 Continuum Pictures moved from the lot to focus on its own in-house productions. Currently Continuum has five features in motion for production during the 2013 year. These range from horror to family. Additionally it is currently co-producing other companies.

Continuum does not accept unsolicited projects for production. It does however except features that have been shot and or completed for distribution.


Development, Production, Financing, Distribution, Domestically and Internationally

Danny Torres, P. David Miller

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Continuum Pictures


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