Cider Springs Slaughter

Project: Cider Springs Slaughter (Currently in Post Production)


Cider Springs Poster Poster-V2Logline:         Years ago, a masked serial killer terrorized a small town before mysteriously disappearing. In the present-day, a masked killer begins again– is it the original killer returning, or a copycat following in his footsteps?

Synopsis:       Thirty years ago, a young boy named Brian Whitely witnessed the brutal murder of his family by a masked killer. For years, the boy and his small town were victimized by a killer who, after fifteen years, suddenly disappeared– never to be seen or heard from again. In the present day, brothers Tad and Eric are two normal, everyday high school students. One day in class a fellow student recounts the story of the masked killer, only to angrily set off their teacher—Brian Whitely, who’s now an adult. After receiving a call in class from his invalid mother, Tad has his cell phone confiscated. Later that day, one of Tad’s friends, Jack, steals the phone back from Brian’s desk, discovering a locked box as well. Later that night at his party, Jack opens to box to discover—a mask. Recalling the story of the killer, the kids dismiss it until the unthinkable happens—two people at the party are killed. A new killer has emerged and one by one, begins picking off Tad and Eric’s friends. Taking the case is police Detective Spencer, who knows more than he’s letting on as he begins to suspect Brian’s involvement.

Genre:  Horror Thriller
Director:  Jason Durdon
Writers:  Danny Torres, Taylor McPartland

Starring:  Wes Scarpias, Chelese Belmont, Austin Anderson, Michael Boyer, Jazz Raycole, William Romeo, E.J. Scalzi, Frank Krueger

Producers:     Danny Torres & Jason Durdon