Mano a Mano

Project: Mano a Mano (Currently in Post Production)


Mano a Mano 1 Poster (450x637)Logline:        Undocumented workers cross the Arizona only to face a militia members hunting them like animals.

Synopsis: In the middle of the night, a small group of immigrants set out on their hazardous trip across the empty desert and with a bit luck, are able to cross into the United States unnoticed. However, in the cover of darkness, gunshots soon ring out and the group scatters as bodies begin to drop. Three survivors named Jose, Felix, and Chuy make it to daybreak, agreeing to continue their journey northbound. As the sun begins to beat down on them, Felix stops to rest when suddenly– he is shot and killed. Jose and Chuy discover that these attackers, two vigilante minutemen who have given themselves the task of murdering anyone that cross the border, are now following them. These men, fully armed and traveling in their pick-up truck, begin their manhunt of Jose and Chuy, who must decide to either run or fight. And even if they survive, they must still find a way across the long, hot desert in search of a better life.

Genre: Thriller (Spanish Language)
Directors: Danny Torres & Matthew Dyer
Writer: Matthew Dyer

Starring: Luis Villafranca, Mesindo Pompa & Jenelle Froelich

Producers: Danny Torres & Jason Durdon