Taught In Cold Blood

Project: Taught in Cold Blood (Completed)


Logline: A young man finds himself in a bazaar friendship with a serial killer gone bad.

Synopsis: Cameron is a lonely high school kid and his only friend is his abusive, alcoholic mother, who raised him after the violent death of his father years prior. One night, Cameron stumbles upon a murder. The killer sees him, but mysteriously lets him go. Having stolen the killer’s wallet, Cameron learns that his name is Troy Zarhas. Cameron’s morbid curiosity gets the best of him, and he seeks out the killer at his home. After discovering that Cameron has not turned him in, Troy studies the boy, compliments him for his ingenuity, and asks him to come back the following night. Seeking some semblance of connection, Cameron returns. Troy then reveals to Cameron that he is, in fact, a serial killer. Troy sees the same killer instinct in Cameron’s eyes and, putting a gun to his head, forces Cameron to take a human life. After killing a man, Cameron flees. However, what scares him more is the fact that he enjoyed the kill. Torn between wanting to learn from Troy and forming his first relationship with a cute girl from school, Cameron embarks on a dark journey of self-discovery.

Genre: Thriller
Director: P. David Miller
Writer: Darien Harte

Producers: Darien Harte, For CMP Scott Hayman & Danny Torres