Jason Durdon

Both Austin Anderson and Jason Durdon were Producers on Chased

Jason Durdon

Jason Durdon: CoCEO of Continuum Motion Pictures has been directing films since he was a teenager. He ultimately attended Columbia College in Chicago where he produced the award winning short film 3:16 in 2005.  Jason has worked for Sony Studios, Universal Studios, as well as many of the international production houses in Los Angeles as an effects and post supervisor. He produced and directed Cider Springs Slaughter, which hits theaters in 2013 for Continuum in 2010. Shortly after that he became a partner in the company and head of Continuum’s on going efforts to help independent producer and directors complete and distribute their films. Since his production of Cider Springs Slaughter, he has gone on to produce with Continuum many feature films, including Taught In Cold Blood and Mano a Mano, which are schedule to be released theatrically in the US as well as abroad in mid 2013.  Jason has gone on to become one of Continuum’s primary director/producers.

Jason is been a consultant on many features outside of Continuum as well as prize winning short films such as a Producer on Thirteen or So Minutes, where he meet the Continuum team, who were also assisting as Producers. Jason has been driving forces in the successful multi-seasoned PBS television show Pati’s Mexican Table. Jason talents range from special effects, digital as well as physical, postproduction to producing and directing.


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