The Horror Film 13 Score Available on VOD

13 Score Now on 13-score-poster-cmp_med_hrVOD

Continuum Motion Pictures is excited to present this great horror film to you. This film has  professional wrestlers and a terror that has returned to destroy a town again. Now available on VOD.

n 1753 along a lake in western Pennsylvania, the inhabitants mysteriously went mad and murdered one another in a single in a single brutal night… 360 years later, history repeats itself…

This year, at the annual Ghost Lake Halloween Festival, a dark, mystical carny causes an evil to rise within the town, bringing its dominion over all. However, this unseen demonic force is met with an unexpected cast of townsfolk, including an online reporter, a local paranormal investigation team, and professional wrestlers ready to give the possessed a body slam back to hell!

Directed by D. Max Walters
genre: Horror/Gore


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